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How it Works

Onward brings together the latest data science and artificial intelligence to help you change your overuse behavior in an easy-to-use program that is customized to you.
Onward has specialized programs to help you change your relationship to:






Individual results may vary. The efficacy of Onward is highly dependent on your desire and willingness to make a change in your life as well as your unique circumstances. For these reasons it’s important to understand that others’ results may not be predictive of your outcomes, and you should not expect to achieve comparable - or any - results without making necessary personal commitments and sacrifices. If you’re ready to change, we’re here to help - but ultimately it’s up to you.

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Automated Tracking & Reporting of Problem Behavior

Get a Customized Behavior Change Program

Block Unwanted Sites & Apps

Fight Back Against Triggers

Personalized AI Coaching 24/7/365

Share Accountability

Learn Proven Coping Skills

Get Educated

Priority Support

Cost Effective

Protect Your Privacy

Easy and Effective Daily Check In to Reduce Usage

Open to All Religions, Genders, Skill Levels & Ages 13+

Enjoy Your Personal Growth & Change

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What is Technology Overuse?

If you’ve ever used devices or technology and asked yourself any of these questions...

Why am I doing this instead of...?

Where did the time or money go?

Why am I hiding this behavior from my spouse/partner?

What would people think of me if they saw me?

Why can’t I stop using?

...you may have an overuse problem.

Think you or someone you love might have an overuse problem? Take our assessment quiz and find out what to do.